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The Competitive Edge which our valued clients are assured of is the simple fact that our processing plants are so designed that they can process a number of easily available raw feedstock (In the Indian Sub-Continent) in to Biodiesel meeting all Global Standards and crossing all the levels of feedstock constraints and rigidity.

Hence the equilibrium between the demands for feedstock in order to produce Biodiesel in tune with the plant capacity (viz. 5 MTPD, 10 MTPD, 20 MTPD….300 MTPD) is economically met and it provides an excellent payback period and therefore a short gestation period for the capital expenditure for our valued clients.

Following are the list of feedstock’s that can be used for the production of biodiesel:

Jatropha Curcas
Pongamia Pinnata
Rice bran oil
Neem oil
Rubber seed oil
Sal seed oil
Palm oil
Cottonseed oil
Rape seed oil
Sunflower oil
Soyabean oil
Castor oil
Fish oil
Animal fats/Tallows


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