Used Cooking Oil

Used & Waste Cooking Oil Collection

Saving You Money

  • We pay you! There is no charge for collecting your waste oil.
  • Saves you money on waste disposal by taking away your used oil in the containers which it arrived in; or in containers supplied by Indian BioEnergy.

You receive a 100% quality service, which is:

  • Regular & Reliable.
  • Frequent.
  • Safe & Clean.

It’s easy & efficient:

  • We supply you with Waste Transfer Notes – to prove you dispose of your oil legally.
  • You can be reminded when you are due a collection via telephone.
  • Collected by a trained, experienced, polite collector.

In addition to this, recycling oil:

  • Adds value to your business by calculating the sustainable benefits generated from recycling waste into fuel locally.
  • Your Waste Cooking Oil can be delivered back to you as fuel to use in your diesel vehicles!

How does the service work?

Indian BioEnergy will:

  • Collect your waste cooking oil on a regular basis:
    • On a scheduled basis at an agreed frequency, and will notify you the day before to remind you of your collection, or
  • Used cooking oil can be collected at your request
    • Supply you with a Waste Transfer Note to prove you are disposing of your Used Cooking Oil

Your waste cooking oil can be collected in its original containers, or Indian BioEnergy can supply you with a container / barrel

Indian BioEnergy collects in Bangalore.

How do you get started? You simply sign up by using one of the following:

  • Email your details
  • Emailing your contact details to
  • Calling Indian BioEnergy on 9341010854

Indian BioEnergy is committed to providing a regular, clean & reliable collection service for your used cooking oil.