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INDIAN BIO-ENERGY Biodiesel was established 2014 with a view of creating a cleaner and more
sustainable environment where renewable fuels can replace diesel fuels and have a positive impact
for our future. After 3 years of trials by Naveen pawar, our production manager, to use used cooking oil
as a feedstock in producing biodiesel he developed of our next generation, proprietary technology
that produces a consistently high-quality fuel that meets and exceeds local and international
standards( SANS 1935, ASTM6751 and EN141424). Thus these synergies came together and we were
able established INDIAN BIO-ENERGY Biodiesel.
Our manufacturing facility of 300sqm is based at SY.NO: 56/3 KHATHA
our innovative next-generation biodiesel refining and manufacturing technology designed by Dr Deon
Gouws through his trials to manufacture high quality biodiesel from used cooking oil. We currently have a
production capacity of 30000 litres per day of biodiesel and once suitable customers are found. We
have collection services that collect used cooking oil from local restaurants, hotels and other food
industry partners which can immediately supply
INDIA diesel usage is estimated at 8 billion litres per year and regulations have been gazetted(August
2014) to blend 5% biodiesel into our petroleum diesel which will create a market of 400 million litres of
biodiesel needed per annum just to fulfil the blending requirements. There is currently an estimated 15
million litres of used cooking oil per month generated by our food industry and efforts are underway to
find suitable oil seed crops that can produce the required feedstock for the biodiesel industry going
into the future.